• Eddie "Lightning" Bells
  • Sappire Revlis
Now we all know that you are going to make your own moof/normal and then me Silveraqua16 or Firecatcher3 will create the FAYZ well heres for all who want me to make the story. I am goin to start out with ten kids and involve poofing (if they are 14 close to 15), powers, and some characters from the story. I will except more kids after I write a couple of days with these 10. I will put an announcement up for all people who want to submit.

Starting Mutants

  1. Eddie "Lightning" Bells age: 13 poofing: 15 months away
  2. Sapphire Revlis age: 14 Poofing: 4 months away

Starting Normals


9 spots left ot fill.