Welcome to our Create Your Own Mutant page!! Here you can create your own Gone character. As you might already know, you can create your own mutant or normal. Here's how it works:

1. Tell us about your mutant or normal in the comments. Including:

Name: Vassilis Kairaktidis (boy)

Age: 13 B-Day : 17\5\1990

Moof or Normal:Moof

Appearence: Very fat, black hair, chubby face, dimple on chin.

Personaity:weak, happy

Clothing: Shorts

Family: (In FAYZ) 1 brother before the fayz= 4 brother 2 sisters

Ability/weapon: Being defeated

Weapon - 1 stick

Type: Full body

2. Tell us whether you want a headshot or full body picture. Only one!! (Headshots are much easier to make by the way)

3. After we give you your mutant, we'll give you the choice of whether you want your person to be put in a FAYZ and fight, or not.

4. If you chose to put your person in a FAYZ, choose the author you want writing the story: Silveraqua16, MoviePopcorn123, or Firecatcher3. (You can see examples of our work of The Hunger Games Wikia)

5. Sit back and enjoy the story of different POV's of mutants and normals.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make a moof or normal!!

Here is SilverAqua16's Mutant: (No copying, stealing, etc)

Name: Sapphire Revlis (Girl)

Age: (we will need to know birthdays for poofing) 14; B-day: 5-16-1996

Moof or Normal: Mutant

Appearence: Brown hair that reaches down to shoulders. Wears it down. Sapphire blue eyes. Caramel skin

Personaity: Is a smart girl and was a straight A student. She's very kind and friendly but can be very aggresive and protective

Clothing: Long-sleeved v-necked shirts. Tank tops (depending on weather) and jeans

Family: (In FAYZ) No one. Before the FAYZ, she was the youngest of four kids, who all went to collage or had jobs. So she spent most of her time with her father. She never knew her mother.

Ability/weapon: Has the power to manipulate water and the air (if its humid enough)

Type: Full-body


My Mutant: Sapphire RevlisType: Full Body Portrait


My Mutant: Sapphire RevlisType: Headshot